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If all goes well, I'll be picking up Big Red today.

Tried like heck to buy one in Columbus, Ohio but dealers were greedy. I tried Jack Maxton, Bobby Laymon, Bobb, Toby, and all wanted $3,000 to $5,000 over.

Germain was the most receptive. I walked in on a Sunday and Sylvester greeted me without bs and said their Silver one could be bought for $1,000 over but wanted me to make an offer.

I bought mine 150 miles away sight unseen for MSRP so my advice is like others I have seen here, call around. Someone wants your business.

Check ebay. Seems like I saw one at MSRP in Georgia with a low serial no.

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ssr held it's value"plus"

Today I feel great, in December I purchased a redline red ssr
and much to my chagrin I paid $7,500.00 over msrp. With just
under 1,000 miles on it I traded it in on a 2003 H1 fully loaded
open top Hummer, the big one sticker price $106, 000-----not
only did I get all I paid back on the ssr but the dealer sold it to
me for $96,000.00, ten thoudsand less than msrp------- I enjoyed
the ssr but it didn't co-inside with my construction business----
as far as I'm concered it is "the real deal". So long vin #2340!
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