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Good deal?

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Hi all. New member, first time poster. First I want to say this is a great forum!
New member, and hopefully a new SSR owner soon. I am in negotiations with a local dealer on a 05' Aqua Blur, automatic trans. 1SB, chrome wheels etc. Sticker with all options is 49,860.00. Is 44,960 + tx, ttl & lic a fair deal for both parties? This is where the negotitations stand at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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looks like your a wheeler and dealer if the unit was delivered prior to oct 26th you have about $1200 more room if it was delivered after you only have about $200 left so its a good deal but can you save more. .....maybe ssrs are pretty slow

william mork

the ssr specialist
Thanks Islanddreams.
Took delivery tonight of an 05' Aqua Blur 1SB that was on the lot for 150 days. Paid exactly what you indicated.
A very good deal for both parties

Based on the deal that I just got, your is excellet.

I just picked up a redline red, 6 speed tremec with a sticker of 49,970. Published dealer discolsed invoilce was around 46,400. The dealers invoice was 47,300 with a couple of suspicous charges making up the difference.
I got it for 46,675 after walking out on the salesman and hanging up on him later on. I'm an excellent negotiator but found a couple of things working against me regarding this deal. First, I didnt take a car from dealer inventory, they had to trade for mine and second, I think the 6 speeds are a more scarce commodity and arent as freely discounted as the automatics. Then again, I could be totally wrong.

Now after telling you my story, I think you've gat an excellent deal. Yiour price is lower than some ssr's including dealer holdback money.

I also just realized that your color choice is also the only color with an upcharge, making your deal even better.
on an msrp of 49970 dealer invoice depending on advertising charges is 47149.81 true dealer cost would be 44929.28 and if it has been delivered prior to oct 25th WOULD SAVE ANOTHER $1000 THIS Is not true with six speeds because they were not delivered other than in rare instances prior to that date but lots of automatics out there . ......

william mork

the ssr specialist
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