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GOOD News and GOOD News!

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Good news # 1....

I was at a motorcycle show this weekend and found these Super Bright White LEDS that I am going to mount on the bottom of each side of the dash to light up the foot wells. They came in chrome or black housing and I picked the black so if they hang down at all, it will blend into the dash's color (Don't think it will though)

Good News # 2....

I just received the Delphi MyFi portable XM radio. I can set this on the dash and with the built-in antenna and WITHOUT WIRES, I can transmit XM radio to my SSR (or any other car) radio. ALSO, if you are going to be somewhere that may not have access to the sky (satellites), you can RECORD 5 hours of music from XM and play it back at anytime! AND, in case the signal is weak near you, it came with a car kit, home kit and clip on antenna for your clothing for jogging or walking. That's right, three (3) separate antennas!

Pics are below...........


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When I first read your post I thought, I don't need no stinking Lights, WRONG! that is very cool! Thanks
I am thinking I want mine to come on when I turn on my map light and when the door opens, that means two power outlets. I haven't a clue, just start cuttin'!!! Anybody know?
1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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