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Has anyone dared to see how fast your SSR will go?

GM has a fuel shutoff on its pickups that limit your speed
to either 100 or 105 mph. This is due mostly to the speed rating of the tires. Most light truck tires on Chevys are rated S for
112 mph. However, the SSR tires are H rated at 130 mph. Could it be that it might possibly run 110 to 115mph, or more? I know I won't try it on the hwy but if given the chance at Texas Motor
Speedway I sure would.

re 125mph

That' 4700lbs at 125mph. Hmmmmmm
I used to have a 55 Buick special. Weighed in at about 4,000lbs. At speed I had to think about a hundred yards in front of it. Good thing we have big disks on all four.:thumbs
Doubel hmmmmm. Anyone know what the braking performance is?
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