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Want to personally thank Rob and Lloyd and everyone responsible for the Great Tri-State SSR Run to Laughlin. What a trip ! !

I had the time of my life. From the Highway Patrol in Arizona, pulling a Uee and volunteering to escort our hot little butts out of Needles to the nightly cruises on the strip of Laughlin (valets at the Ramada are still wondering "wha hoppend") to the nightly cruise to the Sonic Drive-in leaving the "malt" manager with a logistic serving nightmare ! !

The trip to Oatman topped it all. Never saw so much Donkey crap in my life (or were those "Mustangs"). I never did find the car wash there, however.

The Highlight: Supercharged Jerry in his Slingshot, so unselfishly leaving a sample of Goodyear rubber on the parking ramp and valet approaches. Obviously some kind of scientific experiment Goodyear was conducting.

A lot of fun putting faces with screen names. I know I'll never remember you all, soooooooo, will just have to do this again next year.

Thanks again, all.

Gary (WearyEagle) - one of the six with the "shiny bondo" rods.
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