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Hello everyone. I just want to take this opportunity to post an introduction that was skipped last week when my company was initially welcomed by your forum.

My name is Ray and my company is Kappa Windscreens. I own and run the company and employ a staff including graphic artists, laser techs and several associates. We have been in the windscreen business for almost three years and currently offer screens for eight different car models.

Our philosophy in building windscreens now is the same as when we started building them- Build the most visually appealing, yet most practical screens on the market. We also like to say we create works of art for roadsters that are works of art on their own. Beginning with the Solstice, Sky, and Opel GT roadsters, we started our quest to design and build the ideal screens.

Along the way we have introduced several unique features and innovations. After starting with clear acrylic screens, we realized the market wanted more so we introduced colored screens, having about ten currently available for the roadster owner. Then to add designs, we developed our patented inlaid line of windscreens. Inlays are precise, laser-cut, acrylic transparent colored designs set in the screen. They interact with light as it passes through the different patterns on the screen, making for a unique display. We began to add led lighted laser etchings to our screens to add stunning intricate designs that could be seen at night as well during the day. The etching and inlay patterns can be custom; you tell us what you want and we create it.

Time has also seen the introduction of several new windscreen materials by Kappa Windscreens. Two of these include scratch resistant acrylic and our newest, genuine tempered-glass. The result has been screens that exhibit superior scratch resistance, vibration avoidance and ease of cleaning.

It is with great pride that we bring these windscreen options and innovations to Chevy SSR owners. We hope you will be impressed and feel that our screens are worthy of riding on your roadsters, offering their beauty and wind reducing benefits. Thanks everyone for your welcome and consideration.

Please accept our invitation to visit our website to see our work. Here are just a few examples of the many different screens we offer.


Ray and Associates/ Kappa Windscreens

The sunset, "Baby," and Naval Aviator Wings are etched.

The GXP logo, Solstice silhouette, and Ohio State logo are inlays.

This one is a dark smoked gray screen.

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