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I've taken off my aluminum cross grill and I'm trying to get to the "Honeycomb" grill behind the trim bars in the front. Anyone know how they come off?
Do you have to take them off from the back?
How do the 3 trim strips come off??
Or do you have to take off the whole lower facade?



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I was looking at them today myself as I was attaching my front license plate.

The "cross bars" are molded into the front bumper fascia, so the only way to "remove" them is to cut them out. As Beer said, you gotta remove the whole lower fascia. The honeycomb inserts do look to attach on the inside, although I could not stick my head underneath far enough to look inside. (I really would love to have a lift!)

While I was looking it over, got me thinking about what else could be used there. The only thing you'd have to factor in is flexibility. I noticed that it did flex quite a bit, and it makes sense if you figure on how much that front end could get "bumped" in parking lots or garages. (not that we'd be clumsy enough to do that! :lol )

Too bad that grid aint the same stuff they use on the F117 for defeating radar reflections! :lol

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beer100 said:
The bumper fascia has to come off next.

Gotta go my plane is boarding.
Sorry I had to cut off early yesterday.

Here are the steps. The numbers... well the lines were copied out of several different procedures, And I was too lazy to do more than cut an paste the lines.

1. Open the hood.
2. Remove the grille applique molding. Refer to Grille Applique Molding Replacement - Upper in Exterior Trim.
3. Raise the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle in General Information.
4. Remove the tire and wheel assembly. Refer to Tire and Wheel Removal and Installation in Tires and Wheels.
5. Remove the wheelhouse liners. Refer to Wheelhouse Liner Replacement - Front in Body Front End.
6. Remove the pushpins from the wheelhouse liner.
7. Remove the bolt that retains the wheelhouse liner to the rocker molding.
8. Remove the wheelhouse liner from the vehicle.

6. Disconnect the front fascia wiring connector from the body side harness.
7. Remove the fasteners that attach the front fascia to the fascia support bracket.
8. Remove the side fascia attaching fasteners.
9. Remove the front fascia assembly from the vehicle.

4. Remove the front fascia wiring harness.
5. Remove the rivets from the fascia grille.
6. Remove the fascia grille retaining clips from the front bumper fascia.
7. Remove the fascia grille support from the front bumper fascia.

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The honeycomb actually supports the lower fascia grill bars. If that is not there the grill bars will sag and flop around. Your mesh needs to replace the structure of the honeycomb.
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