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Group Buy - Custom Aluminum Pedals

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Hi all,

My name is Rob from Ultimate Pedals.

We just signed up as a Supporting Vendor and would like to introducing ourselves.

We are a machine shop in Southern Florida and have a line of racing pedals that we manufacture in house.

Here are some sample SSR pedal photos (frosted anti-slip,our most popular finish, shown).

Brake Pedal:



More images can be seen at our website:

Our SSR line can be viewed here:

We custom make every order so customization is no problem.

In additional to pedals made specifically for your vehicle, we offer custom engraving, heel toe gas pedal extensions, heelguards, door sills, etc…

At this time we would like offer a group buy.

(This is going to be quite long, but for some of you this is your first GB so I am going to explain it all very thoroughly)

Basically you can buy any of our products for the SSR and get 25% off if we get a least 10 orders, and 30% off if we get at least 20 orders.

We offer a no questions asked moneyback guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the fit or finish.

Other forum members really enjoy the product.

Now down to the nitty gritty…

Having three (3) letters or numbers engraved is an extra $10 per pedal...Having a logo or emblem engraved is an extra $15 to $25 (depending on the complexity of the engraving) per pedal. We can also engrave initials or custom emblems etc etc.

The pedals will have the discount, any engravings will not.

The engravings look like what you would see on the back of a watch or inside a ring NO COLOR IN THE ENGRAVING, it is just an engraving.

You can view engraving examples at the following link (scroll down to the bottom of the page):

The group buy is active as of now, and the last day for ordering is July 15th (I know this is late but I try to give everyone two pay days in order to get in on it).

The items will be shipped July 22nd. (All pieces have to be custom made and depending on how many orders it may be the 25th but we are shooting for the 22nd.)

Shipping charges are typically ~$12 (UPS Ground within the Continental US).

So now that all that stuff is done, How do I get my Discount?

Preferably, if you have a pretty straight forward order, please use our website.

Our SSR line can be viewed here:

Specify your vehicle, the SSR Fanatic group buy, as well as any engraving options during the checkout process when you are asked to indicate year, make, and model.

If you don't mention the SSR Fanatic group buy you'll get your pedals quickly, but not discounted.

Also, with the website you won’t see the discount automatically, and you will get a confirmation email pretty quickly. That email will not have the discount applied to it, DONT WORRY....You are not charged until the items are shipped, and the set up of our software cannot compute a discount, it has to be manually accounted for. So when the items are ready to be shipped, you will get two more emails. The first email will be from our merchant bank and will let you know that your card has been charged the discounted price.

The second e-mail will be from UPS Quantum View (for the US orders) with your order’s tracking number.

You can also call us, please try to use our website unless you really hate internet shopping or you have a custom order, it takes up a lot of manpower to answer questions by phone.

Please post any questions in this thread, I will answer questions as quickly as possible.

I should point out is not a Chevrolet product, but hey neither is SSR Fanatic, so its all good.

Sorry for the very lengthy instructions, but I hate when there is not enough info.


Rob Baylor
Ultimate Pedals


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These Are The Bomb!!!

Hey Fanatic's

Got these pedals back in April. Rob is a :cool guy and will help you any way he can :thumbs I will be at the Irwindale Speedway Event July 2nd if anyone wants to see these custom pedals their awsome!!!
Driver's footrest

Great Quality and Customer Service!

Rob really did a great job with my order. I had SSR engraved on the brake and footrest, looks :cool We did find out the '05 driver's footrest will not fit the "03/'04. We made some modifications on mine and it worked out great.

During footrest installation, I did find out, behind the OEM footrest on the '04 under the carpet and plastic is nothing more than a heavy dense piece of styrofoam. I just used longer screws through the plastic original footrest and into the heavy styrofoam. Seems to work fine, but time will tell. You can check mine out at Irwindale also.

Very Happy, Thanks Rob :thumbs :flag
Hi crazyrtr53 and sgt770,

Thank you for your kind words.

Any pictures of the installed pedals? What is involved in the install of brake and gas on an '04? :)
Hi rj5620,

Sorry but we dont have ant installed photos in an SSR.

Here are photos of our pedals in a 300C.

Installation is easy.

You can view our instructions online at:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.



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Just placed my order. Now I can't wait to see them.

Hi tahoejoe,

Thank you for your order, we appreciate your business.

Did you want to participate in the group buy (wait till July 15 and get the discount) or do you want us to manufacture and ship your order now(no discount)?

Sure I'd like the discount of the group purchase but I'd also like to have them on my vehicle before my next cruise (going with a group to Savannah) 31/31 July. I'd like to be able to show them off!

Hi Tahoejoe,

No problem to include you in the group buy.

Your order will ship either July 22nd or 25th.

Since your in Florida, you will receive your order the next day.

This should give you plenty of time to get the pedals mounted by the 31st.

Sure would like to have them ealier but if that's the best date, so be it.

Once you get the pedals you should be able to install them in an hour.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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