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Can you guess what happened today? :jester

I was in the shop working on the 48 Pontiac, doing some reassembly after the paint work. :angel

When I get a call on my cell phone. :confused

It's one of my paint suppliers asking if I would like to have my SSR on display at the "Back to the 50"s" Car show in Minniapolis June 17-19. :party It would be a part of the Valspar House of Kolors display booth along with another SSR that someone is currently painting (supposedly lime green with flames). Supplier didn't know whose it was.

This should be a great pair to see at the Show. One lime green with flames and my lime gold over green with custom graphics, nose to nose, or side by side, we'll see. I'm looking forward to this.

The only problem is that I have FUND RAISER GOLF OUTING on that Saturday morning 8:00 sharp back in my area. Told the Supplier I could bring it up on the car hauler and set it up Thursday and Friday, then return home Friday night (Leaving the SSR at the secured display with them) to make the golf outing, and then return to the show Saturday afternoon/evening, at which time we could tip a few beers :cheers . That way I could help pack up on Sunday and then drive home :cool .

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Hey FUZZY, do both!!!!

Don't miss either!!! Golf outings are important, especially when they're fund raisers. As long as the vehicle is secure, your GtoG.

Have to tell you about yesterday. Was picked to participate as a volunteer about 3 months ago for the Senior PGA BLUE ANGEL CLASSIC TOURNMENT THIS WEEK at the Moors G& CC Milton, Fl.
The PRO-AM was yesterday in a shotgun format, both 1st and 10th Tees simultanously. Was an announcer on the 10th box. Some great Seniors passed by Curtis Strange, Peter Jacobson, Ben Crenshaw, Jim Colbert, etc. Will be doing same on Fri, Sat & Sun plus alternating as a marshal on the 18th green Sat & Sun. On the way there had a chance to "air out" Penelope since the exhaust system change occurred. I'm lovin' it. Can even hear the stereo fine at 80+mph. :cool


Peace :flag

Back to the 50's

That is a great week end. I have only missed once in the past 5 years. Hope to make it this year. Will have to drive back to Michigan on Friday. Have to catch a flight out of Metro on Monday Morning. Hope to see your SSR if we don't get to meet you. I've shown your paint job to a lot of people. Gets rave reviews every time.

Enjoy the golf. I'll check in on your SSR for you on Sat.

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