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As you know, I had rear engine seal leak, as do most GM V/8.

Had seal replaced and changed plugs and wires after 135,000 miles (didn't need too).

While transmission was out, had it rebuilt, good thing I did, clutches 75% warn. Might as well do transmission while it is out, why pay to take it out again.

New drive shaft, only because I had one sitting in my "stach" for the last 5 yrs.

That done, should do retune because of all the changes. Tune includes, engine and transmission shifting.

First SSR Jeremy ever tuned was mine, 12yrs ago.

Only had to "tweak" some settings. Tune was very close to where it was set at last tune. I have mine tuned every 4/5yrs to keep things up to date.

Kinda like we go to Doctors for "check up".

Here is Jeremys Site:


1. Jeremys Garage
2. Jeremy tuning
3. SSR gang under SSR


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dyno tune questions

Looking to get a dyno tune done locally here in the Syracuse, NY area. Contacted the president of the local Corvette Club to recommend where to get a dyno tune for my ‘05 SSR. So far I have used the shop he recommended (in Rochester, NY about an hour away) to have the throttle body ported. Before I go for the dyno tune, I wanted to get a better understanding of what a dyno tune consists of.

Reading through this thread, I checked out Fastproms website and saw the list of things performed when Jeremy does a dyno tune (see below). What I need help with is an understanding of some of the bullet points he listed so I can be a more an informed consumer when I use the local shop.

**Dyno Tuning from Fastproms**

*Price does not include dyno time*
• Optimized A/F both at Part Throttle and Wide Open Throttle
• Timing Adjustment’s Throughout the entire curve for lean best torque
• Fan activation temperature
• Injector size Rescaling
• Gear Ratio Changes
• Idle speed
• Speedometer calibration
• Torque Management removed
• Skip Shift Removed
• Shift points corrected
• (For more modified vehicle VE tuning is mandatory)

What points I need some help with are: Fan activation temperature: What is the current temp vs what would be the new temp? What do these items do and what is the benefit?: Injector size Rescaling, Torque Management removed and Skip Shift removed. Shift points corrected: What will I notice when this is done and are there different shift point options?

Another member (SSR SS 20) with an 2003 is also interested in getting the tune done by this shop. Does the items for a LS2 tune apply to the LS1 as well.
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