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Edmunds is off the market...

According to my sources (what new is really selling for, dealers and auctions) would have to say that Edmunds is about 6-8 weeks and $3k behind the market today. :mad

> Dealers are selling with some difficulty well equiped NEW ‘04’s for $39.5-39.9k;
> Private sales of primo (which most are) condition 03/04’s low mileage (i.e. <3,500 on the clock) for $35-37k; and
> Trades, again in primo condition, are coming in, net, at just south of $35k.

Condition (other than like new means big hit), color, and not necessarily the options determine value/price. Luggage compartment trim seems to be a must but we see little if any difference for a 1SA versus a 1SB truck as most folks cannot tell the difference!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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