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having fun

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Well the Roadster has been in storage all winter since I bought it in December. This past weekend was nice and there was lots of extra parking at work as only 10% of us had to work FRI, SAT., SUN., and MON. I love those manager decisions to work holidays. I see a windsuppreser coming in the near future.

So I drove to work and parked in the Supervisors parking lot, let them wonder which one among them, received a raise. Lol

After the word was out it was mine, it seams that it’s still 50/50 on people knowing what a SSR is. One person thought it was a custom with the roof lowered. Others did not realize it was a drop top. Even my Father in law after seeing it in my shop did not know it was a roadster.

The security guard at the main entrance had zoomed in on the SSR on his main monitor and then did a search on the web for SSR’s. When I was leaving he started quizzing me on her and spitting out facts he found on G.M. site.

Having fun
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now that's a security guard that knows what is important. :lol
Be careful parking in the mangers parking lot Rebel. they may decide after seeing your ride that you make TOO much money and cut your salary out of jealousy!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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