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Hello all you SSR fanatics out there..
Today is my first year anniversary being a member of this most elite group
and Im so proud to be the owner of Vin #969 red 2003 ISB..
Two weeks ago after my last post and after service work done on my SSR
hubby and I went to Malibu for a mini vacation..On August 9th around 4pm we
saw a yellow down, lady driver only and we both waved madly at each other as we were going opposite ways..Thought I saw you coming out of the Colony in Malibu or maybe
Ralphs..anyway I wish we could have met..maybe next to meet you!!
Had lunch at the Govenators (Arnold Swartsneggar)resturant in Santa Monica.Schatzi on Main... I'm always star searching..)
Anyway thats the only SSR I have seen in all of LA since last November
when I took delivery of my SSR.
This Monday I went to Yuma on 95 South and lo and behold here came a
yellow SSR..heading for Las Vegas!!Someday I hope I'm going slow enough to stop and see who it is!!! Still not that many on the road .
(Was in Flagstaff last month and heard there is a red one..the gal told me
she knew mine was not the same one as I have red tinted windows ..)
Thought I saw a post once from someone in Flagstaff..Hope to meet more members in person but until then I send along a fond ALOHA to my ohana(family)
Your ladyinred...Lizz :angel

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Hey ladyinred!

I'll keep my eyes peeled for your Red SSR with red tinted windows. (How many of those can there be?!) I live in Henderson (Green Valley) and I'll shout and wave if I spot ya'! :thumbs
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