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2005 Ricochet Silver over Smokin Asphalt
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Hello to all.... just getting the lay of the land here. I am a new owner of a 2006 3S with around 9K miles.. found it at a Kia dealer taken as a trade-in! I caught it early...fantastic shape.... even the undercarriage was pristine but had to replace the nearly 17 year old tires for a minor fortune. My wife has a 2005 3S with around 19K miles... super condition and that is what drove me for my new adventure after selling .

I have had and built many hotrods, classics and muscle cars (a few airplanes too) thru the years.. as well as been a technical author for many printed and online media (you can google "hotrodsrj" for a few left over articles from the past online).. I just sold my 1 of 112 1969 GTO Pontiac Ram Air III Convertible (Liberty Blue with Parchment top/interior) which was the tipping point of my new SSR search.

I mainly love the more modern handling and comfort a use it as just a cruiser.... and of course the looks.. But my 69 GTO was an unbelievable looker! I cried when it left.... but gave me a chance to be here! Looking forward to learning anew!

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Welcome from Alabama!
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