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I need some help, do you guys think it is a fair deal for 27,990 plus tax on a black 2003 with 19000 miles on it, i know if i search a couple thousand miles away it might be a couple thousand dollars cheaper. I live in southern cali and that seems to me to be a decent price. Pleas any comments would be helpful, i have to decide soon or it could be sold to some one else.


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Well, I paid $25K for my 03 with 10K mi on it just a few weeks ago but I live on the East coast. You are correct that the prices do seem lower in most places in the East or North and it is a pain knowing that there are lower prices out there but out of reach. I almost bought a new low optioned 04 from Minnesota for $28K but thought it was more of a pain to get it from a distance and wanted to get one closer to home.

If you need someone to look at one for you out here (GA) I would be willing to do so but shipping one from here will add $1-$2000 to the final cost. You might also ask someone else from the forum to look at one from somewhere else for you, most of us are here to help and learn.

To address your original question, is it a good deal? Well, I'd pass if it were presented to me not knowing anything else about it but if it is in excellent condition, has alot of options, and the price is reasonable for your area I would consider it. Have you tried NCal like around the Sacramento/Roseville area? When I lived out there prices seemed a bit more reasonable the further North you got. Look on,, EBAY and the local paper for awhile longer and you might find a deal. Don't get in a hurry to buy if you can help it, I waited about 3 months before I took the plunge.

Good luck!!!!


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Fair Price

Depending on the condition of the vehicle, :skep
And a base vehicle price of $__________back in 2003.
Multiplied by an average of 15-18% depreciation Value per year.
After dividing by the miles. (6300 per year @ 19,000)
Should tell you that you'd be about $1.00 /mile already paid for.
Knowing that it will stay with you, at least _________ years or longer.
You gotta ask yourself,? Is it worth it to you? :confused
I say Yes.
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