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Help - Dead Truck !

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My 6 speed 05 died the other day whilst changing from 3rd to 4th gear. Complete loss of engine power - engine just cut dead !
When trying to restart the engine it turns over on the starter perfectly, no mechanical problems, but makes no attempt to fire at all. Its as if there is no spark or fuel - or both. The 'check engine' light stays on permanently. :mad :cuss

Checked all the obvious fuel level and fuel cap on securely, fuses, relays etc but no luck. Called the dealer in N.J. who supplied the truck before it was imported and their service people were very helpful but could not diagnose the problem either. They had not heard of a non starting condition associated with the SSR at all.

I am awaiting a 'CANdi' module to be supplied to the importer of the truck which apparently is an electronic module that allows LS6 (and other) vehicles to talk to the GM diagnostic equipment that my importer fortunately has.
This is taking some time so meanwhile I wondered if anyone has experienced this or has any ideas ???

The display on the vehicle also switched to Spanish after the engine died so I expect the problem to be some sort of computer meltdown :confused

Experienced SSR technicians are not that common here in England !!

Would appreciate any help.

On the up side my gas mileage doubled as I got a tow truck home :)
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Really sorry to hear about that.....
Robmac: Do not assume major trauma.

As I have been mentioning in other posts, our SSRs, all of them, but especially the 05 ones, have a creepingly capable and authoritarian powertrain control module (PCM) that is preprogrammed to analyze the state of the powertrain and vehicle on an ongoing basis, and take preventative or reactive action when something goes outisde of acceptable parameters.

From the way you describe an engine light being on, and the vehicle not starting, I might assume that the PCM detected a sensor input that was somehow unacceptable and it has acted to prevent damage.

The PCM is programmed to take action based on the perceived potential for damage or driver injury:

- If the fault is relatively minor, it merely degrades the performance of the powertrain to a lower level where damage cannot be done

- If the fault is signfiicant enough, it will force the engine to idle (so that heating and lights are preserved for the occupants), and not allow vehicle movement.

- If the fault is severe enough to ptentially cause great damage or expose the occupants to danger (e.g. loss of throttle control), the PCM will shut off the engine and prevent its restart.

If any of the above happened, you have been protected by "Big Brother" (whether you liek it or not!).

The other possibility is that the PCM malfunctioned, and I suspect that when it does so, there are safeguards to shut everyhting down NOW.

Either way, as you are discovering, once shut down, the number of qualified diagnostic tools AND people is not huge . . .

Jim G
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I the past mechanics have been able to reset the pcm by disconnecting the battery for and few minutes which resets the circuit breakers. Try it it just might work. Good luck.
I can completely feel your pain, as mine is at the dealer now for a PCM check. THey reset it last time and replaced a fuse but that did not solve the problem. MIne has been out of whack for days now. I hope they solve it this time. They need to determine what caused the PCM to go off, not just reset it. Something caused the problem and it will come back until fixed. :confused
Robmac said:
Experienced SSR technicians are not that common here in England !!
They arn't all that common here either. Most dealer mechanics are just flat out afraid of them.
Alive Again !

:) Jim G was right on the money, turned out to be the sensor which detects the crankshaft position was simply not connected properly at the factory and the plug had just come apart !
Took 6 days and a $600 CANdi module to work that out ! Wish I had known that at the roadside at 2am.
Thanks to everyone else for ideas also.
Robmac: Sorry to hear that the sensor was improperly installed, BUT glad to hear that (a) the PCM acted to prevent major damage, and (b) all that reading I have been doing HAS been useful!

Jim G
" On the Road Again "

Robmac, sure glad to hear your SSR is running again....:ssr

Jim G, keep on reading........:thumbs

RickSSR :cool
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