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Want to help the Camaro name continue, but don't exactly have it tatooed across your back, and not ready to sprout a Camaro label haircut?? Well here's your chance to let your opinion be known.

click on this ---> Click Here to save the Camaro! and check off the "I am a current owner and have a question, concern or comment" box (it's the very 1st one). Hit "submit" at the bottom of the page, and fill out the information along with your message (limit's about 400 words, so no term papers please).

all the e-mails sent are documented, we are not the only forums doing this. There are many other foumrs doing this right now trying to save the Camaro, so please post your opioion to GM and help save the Camaro and you can even talk about the Firebird too.

Request to have your message forwarded to Product Chairman Bob Lutz. Briefly tell what the Camaro name means to you.

The idea is to convince, not terrorize.

If you are going to say that you will never buy another GM product (or will refuse to buy a V8 2+2 that isn't called Camaro), be certain to point out that Ford displays respect for historic names like Thunderbird and Mustang, and you would be very dissappointed if GM didn't do the same for Camaro.

This isn't going to work unless there's critical mass behind this, so don't just say you support the idea, just do it!!!

DO NOT send it to anyone's private or GM e-mail address. Not only is it rude & counterproductive (meaning it could backfire something fierce) but if there is a sudden flood of email to GM's consumer relations site (instead of someone's e-mail), not only will it create a buzz throughout, but also word will get up through the chain, and alot will end up read by higher ups.

This is the tactic used to save the Mustang back in the 80s.

Remember, you are advocating the Camaro NAME, so don't sweat them over the car.

HERE IS THE RESPNSE I GOT FROM GM, it sjows this may work if you get enough people, and there are lots of forums doignt his. I am actually I send them messages all the time about the Camaro and telling why they should bring it back and why it would be more sucessful if they brought it back. Well here is the respnse.

Dear Mr. Newton,

Thank you for contacting the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center. We
appreciate you taking the time to write us in regards to the Camaro.

We apologize for the disappointment expressed in your email and want
you to know that a number of Chevrolet Camaro owners and enthusiasts have
expressed their fondness for this vehicle.

However, on September 25, 2001 General Motors Corporation announced
that 2002 would be the last model year for the Chevrolet Camaro and
Pontiac Firebird. Due to the decrease in demand for the sport segments, this
decision was unavoidable.

Although Camaro and Firebird have always had focused appeal, both Chevy
and Pontiac will continue the tradition of providing performance
vehicles with high value.

GM will continue to support the millions of Camaro and Firebird/Trans
Am owners with replacement parts, reproduction parts, accessories and
technical support through its Service Parts Organization.

In regards to the future, I must say that emails such as yours
definitely help the cause. If the customer demand grows again, it would be
difficult to not bring back the Camaro. So I would recommend having those
you know with similar sentiment voice their opinion as well. Your
email has been documented under file number 1-196632965.

If you should need to contact us in the future, simply reply to this
message or call our Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center at
1-800-222-1020. Customer Relationship Managers are available Monday through Friday
from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Eastern Time.

Again, thank you for contacting Chevrolet.


Adam Groat
Customer Relationship Manager
Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center

For more information regarding the maintenance and care of your
vehicle, please visit This free online service
offers vehicle and ownership-related information and tools tailored to your
specific Chevrolet.

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