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Help! Trailer Wiring Roadblock!

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I already have the SSR hitch I bought from Jim P on this board on the SSR, along with a 2"ball, - just need to add the wiring connection for the trailer.

So, I made an appointment with my loal U-Haul, where the gals have installed multiple hitches for me over the past 2 to 3 years, to get the wiring done for the SSR hitch. With help from you guys on the board, I found the bundled wiring on the side of the SSR framerail.

Surprise, surprise!

The gal at U-Haul went to her trusty computer screen to get the right harness number to use, and the screen said to call "U-Haul Hitch Central", who told her that they have no harness that can be used on it, and that she is not to try to do this wiring! They told her it needs to be done by a Chev dealer!

I quickly went back to Capital Chevrolet, and the service manager (who personally owns an SSR himself) personally joined me for some quality time on our backs under the vehicle in their service driveway (got lots of funny looks, if you can picture the scene . . .). He examined the wire bundle, and said that the only hitch wiring THEY (the Chev dealer service dept) are allowed to do is the simple snap-in coinnector type found on all other Chev pickups except the SSR! They "don't do custom wiring"!!

So, summarizing this stupid situation, the local U=Haul gal says she can't do it because headoffice prohibits it for liability reasons, and sends me to the Chev dealer, who says he doesn't do custom wiring!! She DID tell me that she knows how she would do it, and it would take her 20 minutes, if she was allowed to do so!

How did the rest of you who have added the hitch (not bought it as a factory option) gotten the wiring done??

I need to get this done asap as I may be driving the SSR to a new job as early as the weekend after this one, and I am out of town (via airline) a good chunk of this next week!

Jim G
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JimGnitecki said:
My local traiuler shop did thw wiring harness for me this morning. Very simple and very sanitary.

They verified that there is NO way of adjusting the ball height via any add-ons or alternative drawbars. The owner of the shop HAS an SSR, so they KNOW.

Jim G

Hey Jim G,

I saw a trailer ball similar to the one below (that I created in Photoshop) that had a longer shaft to raise the trailer tongue up about 3 inches. Although I tried to show you what it looked like here, the actual extended shaft part was as big as where the base contacts the hitch.

Did a quick search on Google, and didn't find anything (so far)

I'll keep looking!


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JimGnitecki said:
We actually would need the OPPOSITE effect: we need to LOWER the ball.

Jim G

DANG! I feel so silly! I went back and reread you thread on trailer height, and dogged gone if you aren't right!

Let me go crawl over here into the corner and cry......
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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