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Based on that photo alone (it's the only one I've seen), Pacific blue looks like it is going to be the "shiznit"!!! :thumbs (I got that word from my son - I hope it's appropriate!)


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Great Blue!! It is now a tossup between the slingshot yellow, redline red, and pacific blue... all great rod colors... I really liked that front scoop to replace the satin Chevy bowtie on the front of the hood that someone posted... on any of these colors it would look awsome. Anyone know where that custom hood was done, or where to get the insert used?

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Love it

It looks a lot like the LeMans Blue 68 Camaro I once had, still miss it.

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Bright Blue Metallic #22

:cool :cool

This is the same Blue as #22....Bright Blue Metallic or Bahama Blue from 1995. I had it on my 1995 Sonoma pickup. I suggested it and several other colors for the SSR to Chevy over the past two years. It is either a coincidence or maybe they took my suggestion...??? :thumbs :thumbs

I don't care how it came to be, I am working with my dealer to get me one. Trying to get one with Silver or Yellow upper color tutone with Chrome wheels and Chrome pkg. Production on 2006 SSR is to start on 7/18/2005.

:) :) :) :) :) :)
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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