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Here's the K&N Cold Air Kit

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I installed this last Saturday. It took maybe an hour to put on and was a very simple install.


It changed the sound of the truck a bit, no HUGE proformance boost but it did get me about 2 MPG :)
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ARW said:
Where did you get the filter?
How much?
Part # ?

Looks great!
I got it at my local Napa store for 350ish.
Part #63-1104

What are the benefits of it ?
MUCH improved air flow = hp and mpg.

could you have installed the filter without the cold shield?
Probably could be installed without the shield, but it does serve as a support for the radiator hose. You'd have to fab something up for that part. As for the fit of it, it sits nicely under the hood but you have to make sure to get the filter back tight on the tubeing. Otherwise your hood could smash up that nice new filter :lol
shrtdog said:
How much HP gain does the manufacturer claim?

Go go Gadget google search!!! :rolleyes:

63-1104 Product Specifications
Product Style: Aircharger
Estimated Horsepower Gain: 5.39 HP @ 5217 RPM
Replacement Filter: RP-5115

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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