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Hey ALL have a great Thanksgiving

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A day set aside to just be thankful for having a family, freedom, food and your SSR.. :party Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from the Missouri Ozarks and the wild Turkies that walk across my yard as I write this
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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Same to you 50's NUT and your family... enjoy the day!


PS. I think I ate too much... lol
Happy Thanksgiving brother to the south

I want to wish all of our American friends a heartfelt wonderful Thanksgiving from myself and Susan in Canada. It is with great pride that we truly feel connected to the big brother to the south (USA). This is a time of family and friends and we feel that this site provides both. Best wishes to all in the States and safe holidays for all
Scott and Susan Doran, Bala Ontario, Canada

Well said [email protected] to all Happy Holidays and be safe wherever you are.Doug :flag
Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all! I took my SSR for a Thanksgiving in Florida and it had a GRAND time showing off! Got more offers to trade for a Harley Davidson than you could shake a stick at! All I know is people, of all ages, just love it! If you want to draw a crowd, just put the top up or down!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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