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SSREal: You exceeded your limit on provate message storagw so I could not reply to you there, but didn't want to lose the text I spent time composing, so here goes:

I find your message intriguing. So the 16" fan did NOT do enough? That's VERY interesting, as I thought it was rated at over 3000 CFM. Is it?

Any hood scoop that either BRINGS in, or allows the engine fan to PUSH OUT air from under the hood would be helpful. What we want is air movement, especially when the vehicle is either moving slowly or stopped. Once it hits 30 mph, it seems to do a lot better. Below that, it has problems.

I am super overloaded right now due to the need to pack and move from our sold home to a temp apartment, but my hotrodder friend and professional mechanic Randy Peurifoy would I'm sure be happy to do the install for you for a reasonable price, as he did his first "slow" install already on MY SSR, and knows how to best do the installs now. Give him a call at 512-264-1541. You know you have the right number when you get the voicemail recording that invites you to get Jesus. (Randy and his wfe are pillars of our church). Tell him that this is a repeat of the auxiliary fan and spolier install he did on my SSR. Randy is pretty mechanically gifted, and meticulous in his work. That's why I use him on my own SSR whenever possible.

And, clear out that PM box!!!

Jim G
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