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Hi, just joined from England

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I am the proud owner of a Chevy SSR in Smokin Asphalt, 2004 MY with VIN #06610#.

Purchased from Florida and personally imported into the UK. It took 3 months in total and well worth the wait. Just 28 miles on the odometer and all done over the internet with a great Chevy dealer.

This vehicle is rare...............if you think it turns heads in the USA you should see the reaction in the UK because there cannot be more than 2 dozen in the whole of UK.

A very happy SSR owner.

I will write again.

Steve Dixon
T :) he English connection.
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:thumbs Hello Robmac, glad to hear from another 'Brit' and you will be driving soon in a silver SSR the colour I almost purchased. Totally understand the frustrations of the SVA test and approval system but once the SSR is in the UK you will find that within about 2 weeks you should get the truck. I have had additional orange indicators added to the rear light clusters plus red rear fog. The 'orange' indicators are actually within the existing Red lamps. The Technicians who prepared the vehicle have done a good job. The other alternative was to fit the indicators into the rear bumper area but was not to keen with that.

I can send you some pictures that might show the rear light clusters with indicators if your interested.

Really have purchased an 05 model year, I could not stretch to the extra few thousand dollars but have no regrets about my 04 model year. I have had some extra's such as the extra gauge pack, windblocker & saddle bag storage + nets and running boards.

My license plate is G8 SSR.

I agree with you American Trucks are really taking-off in the UK especially with the strong pound against the dollar. It also helps that the single cab truck attracts low company car tax.

It would be good to meet-up in the future especially when you plan visits into the midlands this summer. Try to contact the guy you seen locally with the black SSR.

Also, good to hear from Belgium (Peter) and your friends wife has good taste with the Jag XK8 and then an SSR.

PS. Robmac, if you plan a picture outside Buckingham Palace then I might just join you !
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:D Hello Robmac,

Yes, I will send you a couple of pictures of the rear light clusters with the new indicators inserted. They have been cut into the rear len's but no damage to original clusters and working just fine. You will also note the rear fog light.

Understand why you had the 6 speed and 05 model.

Also, to everyone else...................thanks for the welcome :cool :thumbs
did mean to reply earlier, apologies.

Really enjoying my daily drive to my place of work and back home at night, it just feels more enjoyable even if I am stuck in a typical UK traffic jam.

It loves the motorways (highways) and the noise from the tailpipes always brings a smile to my face when I need to accelerate or overtake other vehicles.

Looking forward to better weather so I can have the top down. :cool
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beer100 said:
about what you had to do with the tailights. How about dropping a photo here.
Hi Glenn,

More than happy to attach a photo of the rear lights but I cannot for some reason load pictures into the gallery...................any suggestions from yourself or anyone else ?

Buffy said:
Hey Steve,

If you can't get it resolved, just e-mail the pictures to me at [email protected] and I will post them for you.

Hi John,

I have took-up your offer and sent pictures to your email.

Hope they get through ok.

Many thanks

Steve :thumbs
Big Thankyou from me.

The pictures show the rear lights that have to be modified to allow orange indicators and the use of a rear red fog light. These are legal requirements for the UK.

The white lenses within the rear light clusters will change to orange when operated.

They are fixed within the red lenses and protrude out approximately 15mm.

Once again thanks BUFFY (John)

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You bet, I love this machine.

Hi Marc,

Sorry, but that is the size I sent due to condensing the pictures for email purposes. I did not want to send a large file to 'Buffy' and cause him any problems I can send the pictures in a larger size but only if that is ok with 'Buffy' (John).

The explanation that Multicylinder (Peter) presented in his email is correct about rear fog lights in Europe & UK.

They are needed in very poor weather conditions and can be switched-on with the headlights to alert drivers behind you. Can be a pain in the 'butt' when people leave them-on in weather conditions that do not require rear fogs (high brilliance).

Buffy said:
Steve, go ahead and send the larger pics, I can handle it.
Hi John,

I have sent the larger pictures but sorry because it took several emails (size of files).

Steve (englishssr) :rolleyes:
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the compliments about the house & garage. John, thanks for excepting the photo's via email.

Price of Gas in the UK is actually closer to $7.00 a gallon, ok the UK gallon (imperial measure) is about 20% larger than USA. So between $5.60 to $6.00 for a US gallon in comparison costs paid in UK.

It is that swear word TAX !!!

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