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Hi, just joined from England

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I am the proud owner of a Chevy SSR in Smokin Asphalt, 2004 MY with VIN #06610#.

Purchased from Florida and personally imported into the UK. It took 3 months in total and well worth the wait. Just 28 miles on the odometer and all done over the internet with a great Chevy dealer.

This vehicle is rare...............if you think it turns heads in the USA you should see the reaction in the UK because there cannot be more than 2 dozen in the whole of UK.

A very happy SSR owner.

I will write again.

Steve Dixon
T :) he English connection.
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welcome to the club. now when i get the chance to visit england i know who i am going to look up! :cheers
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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