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hid light kits

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I dont know how many of you drive your SSR's at night, but I like bright lights (especially with all the deer in New York). I had the opportunity to install a kit in my SSR. For those of us that dont know, an Hid kit is upgrading your existing headlights to those white white lights such mercedes, bmw, audi, lexus. It took me about and hour to install them. There was not cutting of wires or splicing the kit was basically plug and play. What a difference these lights make. I purchased my kit from hid express ( I will try to get pictures on my digital camera and them post them. Mike in New York :) :)
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What kind of cost, Mike? - I ws going to swap the headlights on my Sonoma for the HID lights on the 2000 Envoy - the parts over the counter from GM were over $1400. Then I had to figure out the wiring harness. Didn't bother.

HIDs usually have a pretty large electronics box - don't know where that would hide on the SSR. Thanks for posting the website.

$400 bucks looks like. not too bad actually. mike which kit did you get, their website lists "tba" for the SSR?

post pics please!

hid pics

The control box (ballast and starter) are actually pretty small. If you look in your front wheel wells you will see an access panel to change you headlight bulbs this is where I mounted my control box. When I installed my kit I took the front wheels off and removed the wheel wells. There is plenty of space to mount the control box right by the headlight plus it is protected by the wheel well. My kit cost me $400.00, well worth the money.
Thanks, Mike

One more to add to the projects for spring.


Full beams, I think you Might be talking about high beams. One kit will include two hid bulbs you get to pick which one you want converted the low beams or the high beams. You also can get two kits and convert the high and low beams. hope this helps.
Mike :)
Found this info on

Lamp Replacement Guide Auto Lamp Replacement Guide - Results
Head straight to the Performance Shop and purchase the SilverStar or Xenarc products that fit your vehicle. Or print out the list and find them at your nearest retailer.


Low beam headlamp

High beam headlamp
9005XSCB Cool Blue Halogen Upgrade: White Hot; Super Cool; 100% Street Legal

Parking light

Front turn signal

Rear turn signal

Tail light

Stop light

High mount stop light

Fog/Driving light
880ST Silverstar High Performance Fog Light Upgrade: Whitest, Brightest, 100% Street Legal

License plate
194LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp

Back up light
2057LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp

Front sidemarker
194LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp

Rear sidemarker
194LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp

Glove box
194LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp


The applications presented in this replacement guide have been compiled using the best information available from the vehicle manufacturers at the time of your search. This guide is intended for general information purposes only, not to be construed as any type of warrantee as to any particular application. For specific applications the vehicle owner's manual should be consulted.
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