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Hey Guys, Anybody need a hitch ball for there SSR. I got a great deal from a company on line. They normally sell for $30.00 These are Stainless Steel, the size is 2" ball and a 1" shank. The sale price is $16.99 It includes Ball,Washer,and nut all in polished Forged Stainless Steel. Part # 366977569 . Mofo

Boaters World
P.O. Box 19705
Irvine, Ca 92623
(877) 690-0004

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comley said:
the six dollar ones at walmart rust out in a year or so. stainless steel is highly superior in quality. you get what you pay for. my stainless 2" was about $25.00
Not so for several reasons:

1. I'm only going to have the hitch on the truck when I'm using it
2. I live in Arizona, we don't have much of a rust problem here

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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