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hmmmm....question for Flassh or Marc

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getting the oil changed today and took a good long look under the car. was surprised to see a fairly large diameter hole through the oil pan and then on both front wheels....sorta like the car is made to have 4 wheel drive and this is for another axle.

is this because it is made on the bronco body??????

found it strange.

by the way.....the underside of the car is very interesting and it seems well put together. especially the rear springs.

and by the way number two....i know absolutely nothing about cars.
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The chasis and 5.3 drivetrain were taken straight from the Traiblazer - the hole in the oil pan is for the front shaft in a 4 wheel drive application.

And by the way, Ricardo - Bronco is a Ford - you're using cuss words. :lol

holy're right. it's like when i'm riding my Venture and people mistake it for a Harley cause she is so pretty. :rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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