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Everyone is invited to the Home Depot on FM 1431 in Cedar Park, Texas. Saturday @ 18:30 till we get tired of each other. I am planning to get together with a few fellow car buffs and friends for shop talk.
Brent Davison from BD Audio Creations will be there to answer any of your electronics needs. He is the individual that designed and installed all of my audio, video, and remote top. He is also installing for free after purchase the windbreak seen on my web page with the SSR Logo cut through it in color.

Directions are on my site under events.

Rain or Shine........... We gota Wataburger.

Hopefully the night will be a little warmer than before!

21 January 2006 HOME DEPOT
22 January 2006 @ 10:00 HOOTERS!

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It was cool...

...I mean COLD, but got to see SSR03's fun gadgets and the famous subwoofer box he had designed and installed, it is so sweetttt.
His modifications and additions gave me alot of ideas and alot for my SSR to live up to.
The automatic top is a MUST HAVE and the wind surpressor is a "work of art".

Hope to come to more of these gatherings in the future, learned alot!!!
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