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What exactly is the Homelink Transmitter thats part of the 1SB equipment group? Also, does anyone know where I can get more info about the ERK cargo compatrment trim? What does the inside of the bed look like without this option? Is it painted or does it have a liner and /or carpet without the option? I understand about the wood strips but I would like more info about the standard bed vs. the optional.

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Info From:

Your on-line source for information about the HomeLink Wireless Control System.

Over 20 million HomeLink-equipped vehicles are on the road — and that number is growing daily. That’s because HomeLink helps make your life more convenient, secure, and efficient.


activates RF-controlled garage door openers
operates RF-controlled lighting, gates, entry door locks, and more
can be easily programmed to meet your needs for security, efficiency, and convenience.

Sorry, I have yet to see a 'plain' bed...
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