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I noticed today that the left rear exhaust seems to release more moisture than the one on the right. I have never had a dual exhaust before and was wondering if this is pretty much normal due to the proximity of that pipe in regards to the exhaust system. Looks like I may be cleaning that one more frequently.

On another note, and I mean this quite litteraly, I want to install an aftermarket wolff whistle for fun. Plan on putting it in the engine compartment since there is so much room in there and installing the button on the dash on the fake chrome plastic bow tie strip on the dash (drilling into the black area would be much too expensive to replace later). Any thoghts on that location for the button? It would be easily accessible and a lot of fun. Cheaper to replace that section later as opposed to the black textured area on the dash.

cruzned- I believe the exhaust goes from the two converters
into a single exhaust pipe to the muffler and then splits again going out to the tips- so probably just a fluke that more is coming out of one tip than the other.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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