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Hot JIM G news flash: MTI gets advance exclusive copy of 05 SSR programming tool

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I have been reporting to you 05 SSR owners that there has been no way to reprogram the 05 model, either via microtuner or laptop software, as the software companies that reverse engineer the factory software have not yet released a version that can access the new CAN architecture in the 05SSR LS2 VCM.

However, today Reese Cox at MTI Racing called me with some hot news: He has been able to exclusively procure an advance version of the software from one of his sources. He will have it in a few days.

This means that he now has a way of reprogramming the VCM (vehicle control module, or "computer") to compensate for physical changes such as exhaust systems, headers, intake systems, etc, as well as to optimize the VCM tuning for performance versus the factory's priorities.

So, those of you 05 owners that have contacted me by PM or email to ask about 05 mods, the floodgates just opened.

Darn. This means that me and the other 03 and 04 owners will have to act VERY quickly now to embarass you 05 owners with our performance before you get your own upgrades and humble us! :)

Jim G
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LS2 Edit

Got some info from Carputing last week, The beta program is available for the SSR/Trailblazer. No single license available yet. The program is only $2995.00 and if you would like the C6/GTO program too, you can get both for $4495.00. Yes they are different. Looking for someone in So Caif that has and knows how to use the SSR program.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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