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Hot JIM G news flash: MTI gets advance exclusive copy of 05 SSR programming tool

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I have been reporting to you 05 SSR owners that there has been no way to reprogram the 05 model, either via microtuner or laptop software, as the software companies that reverse engineer the factory software have not yet released a version that can access the new CAN architecture in the 05SSR LS2 VCM.

However, today Reese Cox at MTI Racing called me with some hot news: He has been able to exclusively procure an advance version of the software from one of his sources. He will have it in a few days.

This means that he now has a way of reprogramming the VCM (vehicle control module, or "computer") to compensate for physical changes such as exhaust systems, headers, intake systems, etc, as well as to optimize the VCM tuning for performance versus the factory's priorities.

So, those of you 05 owners that have contacted me by PM or email to ask about 05 mods, the floodgates just opened.

Darn. This means that me and the other 03 and 04 owners will have to act VERY quickly now to embarass you 05 owners with our performance before you get your own upgrades and humble us! :)

Jim G
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All of those physical mods, when you actually do them, require changes to the A/F ratio, if they are truly effective (if not, why do them?).

But you are right about the torque management and other "big brother" controls. By buying the manual transmission, you avoid those hassles (I Think).

You should still adjust the fans (both) to come on at lower temperatures, as this makes a big difference (my 04 NEVER goes beyond the center mark on the temp guage anymore).

Jim G

Jim G
Rob: The fans' on and off points need to be set via software, either microtuner or one of the software packages. There is no rheostat. (The software approach is more reliable too anyway)

You can TECHNICALLY adjust the a/f ratio with a microtuner, but have only limited choices and effects:

1. Load the complete preset program that comes in the microtuner, with no knowledge of what you are loading. This obviously ONLY works with a PURE stock vehicle. The microtuners, as a matter of safety and liability control, will not even work if the vehicle's PCM configuration has been altered at ALL, AND of course if the vehicle is NOT stock, the settings in the micrtuner could destroy the engine or do grevious harm to it.

2. In theory, you could use the microtuner to MANUALLY adjust the a/f ratio (The Predator allows this, the Superchips does not), but the manuals warn you against doing this without (a) expertise and (b) the use of a wideband exhaust gas sensor. If you try to do it blind, you are playing with fire, AND you will be almost certainly unsuccessful anyway without exhaust gas readings AND a dyno to guide you.

In addition, you MUST get the COORECT microtuner for your specific year and model vehicle. The microtuners that work on the 04 SSR do NOT work on the 05 SSR, and vice versa as well.

To repeat my statements in earlier postings on microtuners versus software, the microtuners are ONLY for use when you intend to leave the vehicle otherwise purely stock (except the Crane microtuner which can handle a very narrow range of aftermarket Crane (only) parts). If you intend to make physical changes suchas exhaust, intake, cam, etc, a microtuner is not designed to handle that.

Also be aware (you are warned) that the microtuners in general achieve some "cheap thrills" "effects" like barking the tires on upshifts and shorterning and hardening the shifts, but most go to a point that in my opinion shortens the life of the driveline components, especially the transmission inetrnals. Any comptent and truly experienced tuner will tell you that the factory tunes cannot be improved by "up to 20 or 25 hp" by simply advancing timing or altering a/f ratio generically. You need to make PHYSICAL changes to get that magnitude of REAL horsepower. The fundamentals don't change: to get more power, you need to move more air through the engine and add correspondingly EXACTLY the correct amount of additional fuel. That requires physical changes.

Jim G

Jim G
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The fan on and off temperatures, for both fans, are "easy"m but only IF you have either a microtuner or tuning software!

Since using either a microtuner or any of the tuning software software packages on any specific vehicle either (a) ties that microtuner to THAT specific vehicle ONLY, or (b) uses up one tuning license (value at least $100), there IS a cost.

If you know someone with one of the software tuning packages, that is the cheapest way. You get them to use up one of their licenses to access and modify your VCM. It will cost you at est $100 plus whatever they need to charge you for their labor.

If you buy a microtuner, that is more costly (at least $325 and up), but you get to keep the microtuner.

However, the biggest issue is that microtuners are not yet available, or at least were not the last time I checked, for the 05 model, as it uses the new CAN architecture that the aftermarket folks have not yet revere engineered and offered software or microtuners for. They should have some available within a short time, certanly I would guess by end of year.

Jim G
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