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Hot Rod Trucks Show

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At the Hot Rod Trucks Show in Owensboro, KY last
weekend my Americano SSR was chosen as one of
top trucks. Called the ''Dirty Dozen'' the top trucks out of about
300 were picked. It was a great weekend.
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That's great Rick.

Your ride is truely a beautiful piece, and the acclamations are well deserved.

Mine on the other hand was knocked out of contentin for an award this past weekend by a few judges that didn't know what an SSR was. They Docked me for having the factory installed bed liner in the bed, considering it unfinished and trying to hide some flaws (hey its a truck and I use it as one). Even though the paint far out shined all other competitors, along with the engine compartment and interior, I didn't place at this one.

On a better note though, I had three of my customers at the same show in differant classes and THEY EACH WON A BEST IN CLASS TROPHY, even one that I had built way back in 1988 (that the owner at the time brought to me in the back of his pick up truck in pieces). It's been through five differant owners since then but nothings been changed or reworked on the 69 camaro Since I completed it so long ago. It's currently in the hands of the oringinal owner again, only because that when I built the car, I made certain that all documentation was kept with the vehicle, right down to the plate that comes with the owners manual for in the glove box. Which is how the last owner found the oringinal owner to offer him first chance at purchasing it back. BTW this ones NUMBERS MATCHING car with the 396 big block in it. Nice to see it still in award winning condition afterthis many years.
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