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Phase 1
Test item : Vortec 5.3 V8 300 HP ( sorry you guys with the L6 have a jump on us 390 HP )

For the next couple weeks I will be asking the forum for ideas on HP.. I appreciate all your suggestions, with that in mind I will purchase the items, install them myself and then do time runs, hopefully this will benefit all the horsepower freaks in the room.
If you suggest an item please send me supplier & price so everyone in the room has equal exposure of all the information lets categorize every item as a Horsepower rating....

MSD 6A ????
8.8 mm wires : a must........
H/O Coil what is GM voltage output for stock?
Splitfire plugs????

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Hey Nickicss,

Craig here , I just wanted to share an issue I had with the MSD ignition wire set.
1.)They are not an exact fit ( not 90 degree at spark plug)
2.)They are too long and make contact with shock towers.
3.) The most disturbing is an insulation failure that resulted with rough idle,ignition break down at high rpm and load.I could hear the grounded wire popping under the hood.
I thought I was having trouble with my power tuner but it turns out that it was just a bad set of wires. I put my stock wires back in and the problem went away.

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good point

8.8 do not hot the MSD spark output, I had the same problem, the wires can be cut, spliced & shortened to avoid contact with the shock towers, plus the clear grease helps inside the boots to eliminate spark jump, I may go with the A/C Delco rapid fires which was suggested, any significant power increase?????
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