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I think its ridiculous to call these vehicles that havent even been released a 2003 model. Even a 2004 year model doesnt make much since if these problems arent already ironed out. I would be willing to wait until January now if they would title them as an 05 model which is possible after the first of the year. Since we all had to wait this long why doesnt GM just take until January and get all the bugs out (especially the top).......yeh I know they have only had 3 years lol. I think a 2005 would make me feel better....just sounds cool.......but i dont want to wait til 2005 of course!. GM are you listening? Give us all a 2005 in January.

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It won't happen!

They have to built a short run of 2003's because of EPA and CAFE rules. So if you are looking for a 2005 you will have to wait until next September. Sorry to burst your bubble. I myself had my truck at the dealership and it went back to the factory. I'm on my 3rd order number and now have another TPW of 10-13. I will enjoy it when it does show up.

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