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I bought Teri's unused wood strips after they were posted in the classifieds here, and they are grogeous!

It is obvious how the 2 outer ones install. However, I have no idea how the REST of the strips install into an SSR that does NOT have the optional deluxe cargo trim option.

MY bed, the "base" configuration, is plastic with raised ribs that the strips should somehow fasten to. OR, I DO have a special custom-made serged carpet that I had made to cover the bare plastic bed.

The wood strips have velcro patches on their bottoms. Are thse velcro patches intended to fasten authoritatively to the carpet in the optional deluxe package, without any matching velcro being required on the carpeting? If so, would they cling the same way to my own custom made carpet?

Or, would I be better off fastening them to the plastic bed by getting matching velcro pieces glued in place on the ribs on the plastic bed?

Or, do I have the choice of doing EITHER?

Gosh, those strips look good. I can't wait to get them in there.

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Yes, Probably, Yes, Sure! :lol

The "wood" strips do fasten securely to the carpet trim on the bed floor, but can be removed for cargo carrying. I would think that either installing the opposing velcro half to your existing plastic trim or installing the "bed rug" style carpeting would work with equal success.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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