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Dealer ordered three different parts for me in late November. None are critically needed for my SSR to function. Two are regular production interior parts, the other is one of the '06 chrome exterior ones. To date, all are still backordered er - "unavailable". What's up with that? Last week I told my dealer parts guy I thought this was unacceptable, and would be contacting Chevy "customer service". Well, after the first "customer service" guy failed to even call me back after four days, I called back and was given my "case file" number. Another girl said she'd check into the delay, and today called back with no new information. Parts still "unavailable".

I think I know where they might find these parts. How about the LCC? They can't complete the final production run without these parts. I DON'T GET IT. Does anyone think this is acceptable? Anyone have an inside track to a resolution?

Some things we all might want to consider:

What if these had been critical parts? :cuss
What's going to happen after production ceases? :banghead
What might happen if GM ceases?

Not seeing red anymore...Thanks for listening. R
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