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State Farn quoted me $350 for low mileage(under 7500 a year) and $425 for over per 6 MONTHS. What are you guys are paying? I have 2 cars (BMW 01 and Range Rover 2000), my house insurance and umbrella with the. I think I'm getting a discount for multicar and safe driving. I still think that's too much.

Also, I applied for passenger plates. Anyone here had to get truck plates? The dealer didn't know. They said the Avalanch had to get truck plates.


I have been with State Farm for years in Texas but my agent said they don't offer a 7500 mile plan here. Just regular or antique insurance is offered. Does anybody know about this limited mileage State Farm plan here in Texas? The premium for regular insurance with them ($1,000 ded) was about $370.00 for 6 mos. It's about $60.00 more every six mos. for $500.00 ded. I would sure like to find out about a lesser mileage plan....perhaps my agent is incorrect in saying it's not available.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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