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I know it is difficult to answer this but I would appreciate everyone's input. I'm not looking to profit, just to dream that I may have a classic on my hand.

Here is the scenario: I am storing it during the winter months. Will be taking a good care of it (waxing, regular maintenance, etc), and won't put too many mils on it (the hardest part of the deal).
Lets say that Chevy will make max of 15000 a year for 5 years and the stop (as they plan).

Do you think:

1-This car will be considered a classic car with this many on the street?

2- a 2003 be more desirable than a 2004?

3-the little damage I had caused by the garage door (and repaired and painted by Chevy) will make that much of a difference? (you can't tell at all, they did a fabulous job)

4- that I'm nuts and should just enjoy the car as much as I can and then sell it in 3-4 years?

#4 for sure. Take car of your new toy and enjoy. Unless your purchase changed your life (can't pay other bills etc) Don't even keep track of what others want to give you for it. I think that the dealers will be taking $$ off off off msrp in the next year or so.All things being equal it will have a following but the baby boomers are fueling the muscle car trends. :cool

1. I think it's a classic already.

2. I only thing I like the 04 over the 03 is that you can get chrome wheels now, future models will have a few more ponies under the hood I'm sure.

3. If it was repaired like you say it won't make much if any difference in the future.

4. That's kinda of a hard one to answer, do what makes you happy.

Growing up as a kid in Michigan ( cars rusted out fast in those days ) I always said when I was old enough I'd buy me a new car and put it away, well that's what I did. 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass S, 350-310 H.P, 4 spd. close ratio tranny, 3:91 rear end, GoodYear redline tires, as of today the car has 812 miles on it.


Its my guess that Chevy will be reducing the price off MSRP real soon.. And, I would also bet that it will even have rebates within one year.

I would enjoy the truck, and unload within 12 months. The truck is definitely different, but I doubt if it ever makes it to the "classic" catagory. I think Chevy tried to do the same thing Plymouth did with the Prowler, but failed.

I think the 04 will be just as valuable, as chrome wheels and other accessories will be avaliable.

I dont think the damage will hurt your resale.

However, just my opinion, I ordered mine last Feb, but when it arrived, I just did not like it, and lost my deposit.. maybe I have a bad taste for Chevy.
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