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First of all this is not an attack on anyone. I just think I might have forgotten something as I have been away from Hotrods for a while.


1. More HP does not mean better performance...With a race car, wouldn't the setup be as much if not more important than the power. I could have an engine that makes 400 hp .vs one that makes 300 hp. Depending on the setup of each vehicle one would out perform the other hands down.

When I was involved in sreet and track racing 20 some odd years ago, it was the little things that made the difference.

a. Enough traction to get good weight transfer from front to rear. Far better acceleration than just blowing HP on spinning tires.
b. Tire-Engine-Trans-Gear Ratio This is very important to keep vehicle in the RPM range where it makes more HP.
c. Cool air fuel mix Good fresh air and a "Cool Can" used to be good for a tenth or two...
d. Proper tuning Timing, PLugs, wires, ignition.
e. Many more things that I don't have time for and can't remember.

I hear a lot of talk about tuners. They are a must with todays vehicles. Is there a possibility that something can go wrong. Yea, but if you follow the instructions, most likely not. There is inheirant risk in everything.

I guess you have to ask yourself what you want??? Just to to say you have more power...Great...go for it. You can spend thousands on all kinds of things. If thats what you want...great.

If you want to be faster well...change your shift points, change your rev limiter, change your fuel and timing curves. Adjust shift pressure and traction control.

It's just what do you want to do...Race it or ride in it.

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