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The wife and I are leaving this morning for the HRPT kick off in Milwaukee. We will be on the tour the entire length unless the unexpcected comes up. (Not even going to mention what it could be so that it just stays in the back off my mind and hopefully never happens.)
I will be with out my computer this week but will post pictures if I can (hotel systems are iffy). If not checkout the Hot Rod Magazine web site, they will post updates of the Tour each day. Ya never know ya might see some of us SSRfanatics on their site.
Good health to all and I'll be playing catch up on my reading on my favorite site when I get home.

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SSR'S are tuff, no break downs ... great interstate crusers, work well in wet or dry weather. and can look COOL like yours. Don't forget you sun screen. :ssr

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Will have my laptop w/me. Have wireless access so by the time we meet at Birmingham, staying at the same hotel, we should be able to get some pix back to the site. Go easy.


Peace :flag
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