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A dealer in Ohio screwed me on my original deposit/order a year ago. I came down to Florida for the winter and went shopping on the internet. Found 2 in the Orlando area. Called the dealer and they said they would deal with me. Made the 100 mile trip to find out they wanted 5 grand over MSRP. I kept dealing and talking and got it for 2 over. Serial number is in the mid 300. It is Red with all the options on it . LOVE it. Sure draws a lot of attention though. Not real sure I like that part. I was going to have a turn key hot-rod built up and sure like the idea of this SSR a lot better.
Hardly anyone knows that this is a convertable. I am not real happy with some of the plastic stuff on the car, but I sure do like the all metal body parts. I might have paid a few bucks too much, but it is worth it to me at this point in my life... Will post again when I have driven it some more.
Also the dealer is now asking 12 grand over sticker for the other one he just got in.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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