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I paid $43,950.
Drives great. Its fun. Everybody stares and asks what is it. Exhaust sounds great. It has better performance than I thought it would weighing 4,700#'s.
A few things they could have done better. Side view mirror placement, they are to far back on the doors. DIC you cannot read unless you sit up more. Never seem to notice the blinker being on due to the fact its hard to see the indicators. Center console glove box does not stay up when open. You have to hold it up.

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I think the mirrors are fine where they are (I am short).
You are right about the annoying console lid. I also miss
the outside temp display on the radio. Is there a nice
aftermarket module that has a digital thermometer and
compass that would fit our trucks?

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Yea, I'm not too crazy about holding up the center console box up either.. My regular glove box is actually very difficult to close as well. Also, on a cold morning, the volume control on the steering wheel sticks. Anyone else have this happen to them?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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