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After Chev. telling me that mine would be delayed for a couple of weeks (orig. Nov 10 TPW) can you believe my dealer just called telling me he had the invoice and it was shipped! Communication problems there GM? Anyway, thanks Toy Truck, WaynesWorld, & Buds Vette for the GM Card earnings info. If anyone else has used their GM Card earnings please let me know how much. I would really appreciate your posting that info here guys. Hey Toy, did they let you use the earnings on your and your wife's cards? We have 2 also. WaynesWorld.........did you find out about that $250.00. I'll be signing up shortly. Also, Wayne and
Steve T.......Im in Central Texas. We need to get together. Steve..... I have a Yellow Prowler too.


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Hey you guys in Central Texas are havin' too much fun, I moved here from Colleyville (outside Fort Worth) and had to sell a couple of my toys. I miss the gang at Cowtown Vettes and Lone Star Corvette Club. New Jersey isn't particularly 'car friendly'.

NO, GM doesn not allow you to use accumulated credits from more than one GM MasterCard per purchase. We got our moneys worth since we've been getting back $2K every 2 years on Corvettes since 1993.

By the way, a woman tried to write me a check earlier this week for $50K on the spot for the SSR so she could give it to her husband for a gift. This thing is just too much fun to give it up for a quick profit. We'd be just waiting in line again for another one.

Anyone out there going to the Detroit Auto Show in January to see the C6? We could have a mini-reunion.
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