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Hi, I will have an SSR for sale. I am planning to order it with all the options. I am planning to sell it to the highest bidder. This is not for the guys that are looking for a bargain. Please do not call me names or bother if you are not interested in paying a premium.
I am not a dealer and have a contract from a dealer to get the first one at MSRP.

If you are a Chevy enthusiast, money is not an object, and need to be one the first ones to have an SSR, please post here and we will be in touch. I am in Chicago metro. It would help if you are close by so you can take delivery, but I have heard shipping is not that expensive. This is very legit and do not bother if you are not serious.

I will negotiate and am willing to sell it to someone now if they are willing to put down a non-refundable deposit. This car will end up on Ebay if I do not sell it before delivery.
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