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I'm not invisible any more.

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For the last 10 days, I've been driving a white Ford Escort (pocket SUV). Effectively invisible compared to driving an SSR.

Today my SSR was returned to me from the body shop. Placed there curtsey of another. :cry There I was sitting at a red light, minding my own business, the light turned green and I let it roll a little. That ended when I was hit from behind by the Plymouth Breeze that had been stopped behind. Amazing. :mad

I misquote the driver, but the gist of it was "You started to move, I started to accelerate, something fell off the dash, I was distracted, when I looked up, too late, you had stopped."

Damage was limited to the bumper cover, license bracket, and tail pipes. The Breeze came off second best. Hood, grill, radiator, lamps...
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:cry :cry

Sorry to hear about that.....

So from now on you should stomp on the gas whenever the light turns to green!!!
Oh wait, make sure that no vehicles are in front of you too.
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