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Hello folks! -

Hey- not sure this is the appropriate forum for this- and will likely ask the same in another... but REALLY need some help gathering as much info as I can on ( 1 )- the probability/potential of rigging an SSR out for wheelchair accessability, and ( 2 ) whether GM is still offering its assistance program for off-setting handicap accessability costs ( such as they did for my '96 S-10 ).. and ( 3 ) if anyone knows if GM has in any way considered any of these aspects? - I am a T-4 paraplegic from service (U.S. Army- Vietnam ) connected injuries. Have full use of my upper-body ( chest-up ) and arms... and am currently an owner and driver of an S-10 extended cab with the 3rd suicide door. It IS this door that makes the truck accessable to me- as; once sliding in, then folding the chair closed- I am able to place the chair in the space behind me. If it were'nt for the door- I could get in... but there'd be no way ( or place ) for getting the chair in after me! Now- the SSR ( which I am quite seriuosly hoping to have ) HAS no 3 doors, NOR space behind the driver seat. The chair would HAVE to go into the bed somehow- which I would be unable to do un-assisted. There ARE wheelchair hoisting devices that can work from a pickup bed... that look a bit like a hangman's inversed "L", that can lift the chair, swivel rearward and lower the chair into the bed. The "L" itself ( in some makes ) can then also lay flat. ANYhow... am desperatly trying to explore and work the problems- because the SSR is a magnificent machine... and likely to be as close to a "hot rod" as this angst-ridden cat is going to get!! Any thoughts? Or folks with any "inside" with GM- who could look into it for me? PLEASE let me know!!!

Lord hug you tight... - Butchie

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I'll do some checking!

Hey Butch my neighbor owns a local conversion shop that does upfitting for Vans and trucks. I'll ask them to take a look at mine SSR and see if what you want would be possible. Below is copied off the GM website and the link is below too! Take a look there is help for you.

You may be eligible for:

Special financing from GMAC.
Reimbursement (up to $1,000) toward the actual cost of permanently installed eligible mobility equipment needed for the driver or passenger. For details, see GM Mobility Program/Equipment Eligibility page.

This reimbursement applies to new and unused (never titled) GM cars, vans and trucks manufactured by Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Cadillac and GMC. Eligible vehicles must be purchased through an authorized GM dealer in the United States who is franchised to sell that vehicle. Saturn customers must contact Saturn Mobility at 1-800-553-6000, Prompt 3. TTY users call 1-800-833-6000.

Click here for a sample reimbursement form in PDF format

Vehicles Eligible for Reimbursement:

New and unused GM cars, vans and trucks
Dealer demos/special event units
Leased vehicles (must have lessor's approval for conversion)
Driver education vehicles (previously used in GM Driver Education Program)
Fleet units

The vehicle must be adapted with eligible adaptive equipment within six months of purchase/lease and the reimbursement application submitted within 90 days of installation.

For full details about the reimbursement offer, contact the GM Mobility Assistance Center:

GM Mobility Assistance Center
100 Renaissance Center, PO Box 100
Detroit, MI 48265-1000
TTY (Text Telephone) users: 1-800-833-9935

Financing and leasing through GMAC

With GMAC, qualified customers can finance the cost of the vehicle and aftermarket adaptive equipment at the time of purchase. The service is available at your GM dealership. SmartLease by GMAC allows you to lease the vehicle and finance the purchase of your adaptive equipment. All devices must be removed from the vehicle at the end of the lease without affecting the original condition of the vehicle. You must obtain written permission from your GMAC branch to adapt any lease vehicle. At times, GMAC may offer extended terms on conversion vans and lowered-floor minivans. Contact your GM dealer for details.

:cheers :D :cool

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I had hand controls installed in my SSR there is only one lightweight problem with the setup actually it is a Heavyweight problem....
Trying for "Full" throttle without beating your leg up is what took the most time!

The company that installed the hand controls adjusted them as best as they could without my being there to test drive it.

What I ended up doing was adjusting the throttle linkage to "zero" play, then rotating the Hand lever as far up as possible and still not hit the dash or smash your hand when braking.
Ended up lowering the drivers seat all the way not bad if you remember to setup the seat settings!!.
Wish the mirrors had the memory setup like the seats.

I haven't had the problem of having to load the chair myself yet mainly because the only time the SSR moves is when both my wife and I can go...I have looked and thought of what I would try if I did get to go somewhere by myself..

I would brake the chair down after getting in from the drivers side and stack what I could in and around the passenger side and just reverse the process when getting out.
If I was going to pickup a passenger then they would have to move the chair pieces to the bed of the truck..

Thats what I do if no one is going with me when I take a spin in our 58 Corvette
which is what the SSR interior's layout reminds me of a 58-62 Covette...

Chevrolet did pay the dealer the full amount for the installation and the controls..

Nice, fast even made the appointment, delivered and picked up the car after the hand controls were installed....

One of the SSR's best features for me anyway! is all the controls that are located on the steering wheel...

Only one problem I have with the SSR and that is POWER not having enough horse's to pull the weight...
If and when I can get my hands on a new Z06 motor or a big block conversion kit I'll fix that horse to weight problem..

Oh yes my injury is at the T3 level...

Go ahead step up to the SSR plate you won't regret it....


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I had hand controls installed in my SSR, They said it was one of the easiest vehicle they have worked with, Not much cutting and it is out of the way of some one that uses their foot, GM paid the full amount, I didn't even go with them and it works without a problem,
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