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Insurance Problems

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Hello everyone!

I desperately need some help with insurance information. More specifically, my insurance company erroneously listed my SSR as an S-10 and put it in a rate group 14. Obviously, the premium is low, but the replacement cost will be the amount a high end S-10 is worth (less than half the value of an SSR). I alerted my agent, who in turn contacted the main office about the problem. They have never heard of this vehicle, and don't have a clue on how to insure it! I have been told not to drive it until this mess is straightened out. In the mean time, they are pursuing insuring it as a specialty vehicle, like a restored or highly modified hot rod, or one-of-a-kind high value vehicle.

Can anyone tell me what rate group your SSR is in, and what you are paying for what limits, from what company? If you are in California, where the rates are extraordinarily high because of all the nutty drivers and illegals with no insurance, please respond, as this will give me a good idea what I should be paying. I am interested in everyone else's rates as well. In the mean time, I am grounded! :(

Thanks for your help!
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I suggest you get on the phone to another agent while they try to figure out what to do. State Farm is used by many people with Corvettes and they report good rates and service as long as your record is clean. You might want to post on as well to get agent names in your area.

If the underwriter has never heard of the SSR they may have little desire to cover you and could put the premium at a level that would have you decline their offer.

Spend your free time on the phone and try to get quotes from three companies or more. Also get the names of the underwriting company and you can have your existing agent follow up for you.

Good luck.

I am paying about $650.00 a year. Though usaa has exceptionally low premiums. All they needed was the vin and their computers did all the rest.
The SSR is built on the same frame as a Trailblazer XT - same engine, transmission, and the frame is shortened 13". I would check with a GM dealer on a price for a full load XT, and go back to your agent with that info. Category rates should at least be similar, and adjusted for actual value. Sounds like your agent hasn't exactly bent over backward to help you.

Good luck with it
:D If you qualify, nothing beats USAA in my opinion, but unfortunately you have to be a vet. or have military affiliations. They too needed only my vin and had me up and running in minutes.

I insure through Nationwide - as mentioned earlier - they took the vin and came up with a figure of 650 annually. They know what a SSR is - and suggested an upgrade to my current insurance on a Saturn wagon.

100 - 300 - 300 coverages...

I insured my SSR with State Farm. The premium was $400.00 each 6 months. Might not be the cheapest available, but they always settle ther claims. They did have a rate available based on the 2003 SSR.
USAA link

USSA is a fabulous company. I highly recommend them if you qualify. Check out the link for info. No, I don't sell insurance, just really pleased the way they have treated me on auto rates. Claims after an accident were fast and well handled, and claims after several hurricanes were immediately handled by caring individuals. What more can one ask from an insurance company?

...and sometimes, they even send you a check. I highly recommend if you qualify. Claims are fast, and without hassle.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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