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I think I am the only one from this site that has installed them because I am the one that is making them. I will place additional units on EBAY as I get them made and ready to ship. I don't want to face the wrath that AXIOM got when he was slow shipping in order to meet his quality standards.

There will be some unbiased opinions soon, but on my SSR it solves the problem and just feels good to not have the front end feel so loose when I wash the car. The first five shipped today and now that the process is down, I should be able to ship increasing quantities soon.

Pls note that I signed up as a supporting member, didn't ship ahead of production, didn't hawk my own product first, and made a list of who not to sell to. That said, I think you will find this a quality product that adds to the enjoyment of your SSR. And, I'm serious about doing the install for free. Anyone that wants to come to Austin is welcome to come by, talk SSR's and I'll do the install.



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What is this you all are so hot to buy? (It's bad when you think you probably need something that everyone else is buying, but you can't even look at it! :lol) I can't look at the link because anything to do with e-bay is blocked on my computer at work. :nono
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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