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I am pleased to be able to help with the organization of the tech session during the International rally.

Your presenters and their topics are listed below (Note: These are subject to change based on numerous factors)
Dick "Dicktator" Bellville - SSR history and reliability modifications
ED "Ed in Fl" Borland -- Retractable top operation explained
Mike "Mike in AZ" Moro - Revised Cooling System presentation
Mark "Autoprof" Mitchell - EVAP system components/basic operation and common trouble codes (This is a work in progress, hopefully I get it done!)

The session will be held at the host hotel from 9am -12:00 noon on Sunday.
Please respond to this thread so that I can create a sign up list and work with the hotel on room set-up. I want to make sure they have provided enough seating for everyone that thinks they may attend. You are free to come and go as you please, I just ask that you be respectful of the presenters that have volunteered their time.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

NOTE: This is an "Informational" tech session - NOT a "hands on" Tech session. Maybe it should be called a tech "Lesson" - I believe I was using the terminology that has been used in the past.

Mark Mitchell
If there are any openings left for the Tech session, Please sign me up. Thanks ! carbuff.

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Please add me to the list.

Jim Gabel
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61 - 68 of 68 Posts